Salt Lake City Wedding Flowers

As 2023 comes to a close, we are taking a retrospective of the Salt Lake City wedding flowers we've created. From boho to chic and modern designs, we've rounded up some of our absolute favorites. Keep reading for more.

Boho Wedding Florals

This floral setup at Sleepy Ridge came together with a color palette of whites, creams, tans, beiges, and a dash of blush. If you’re searching for the most amazing shade of blush for your Salt Lake City wedding flowers, we put together this wedding using quicksand roses. You can read more about how we pulled together this look and the effect of the quicksand roses, at this link.

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For another take on boho wedding flowers in Salt Lake City the wedding featured below drew inspiration from the natural surroundings. We worked on curating a color palette inspired by the ridgeline. With a dash of romance and the bride's equestrian background lending itself to the overall theme of the wedding day, it was an unforgettable day at The Lodge at Blue Sky. You can see more of the boho wedding flowers we created for this couple, by following this link.

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Lastly, pampas grass still reigns supreme when it comes to boho wedding flowers. For this wedding, the bride had a specific vision of western-chic, with just an edge of rustic. The couple's classic meets modern style proved to be the perfect pairing for their mountain view wedding. You can see more details of the florals we created for this couple, including the triangular wedding arbor, at this link.

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Modern, Classic, and Chic

There's no denying the importance of a bridal bouquet. When we work with our brides to create their Salt Lake City wedding flowers, our goal is to curate the wedding bouquet of their dreams, using only the freshest stems. Our elopement bride had a specific request for her bouquet, shades of purple. Knowing it would be the centerpiece of her wedding portraits we created a show-stopping bouquet that blended seamlessly with her backdrop of the Salt Flats. You can see more of this elopement, by following this link.

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A minimalist bouquet can be just as chic and commanding as one bursting with color. The beautiful bride featured below needed an all-white bouquet for her bridal portraits which were taken at the Utah State Capitol Building. To bring this bouquet to life we worked with delicate white florals with the brightest green stems. This provided a fresh take on a chic and luxurious minimalist bouquet. You can see more of her bridal portraiture session, at this link.

Elegant Wedding Florals Utah, Utah State Capitol Building Wedding Flowers, Wild Earth Designs

For this wedding at La Caille, the goal was to create a warm but inviting feeling. We used splashes of bold color paired with delicate tones to curate floral arrangements that evoked the natural spirit of Little Cottonwood Canyon. The bridal and wedding party bouquets were put together with delphinium, cosmos, ranunculus, and roses. The warm and inviting feeling of the wedding day was felt by all in attendance. But it really shined through in their wedding photos as well. You can see more of this La Caille wedding, at this link.

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Those were just some of our favorites from 2023.

To see more of Wild Earth Designs' work creating Salt Lake City Wedding Flowers, you can check out our blog.

Or, to work with us on luxurious florals for your Utah wedding, follow this link.