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We are breaking down four of the most common questions we get from our couples when curating their Utah wedding flowers. Keep reading for more.

How much do wedding flowers cost in Utah?

Our wedding packages begin with a minimum spend of $2k. If that is your total budget, we can work with you to maximize every aspect for your wedding flowers in Utah. In fact, you can take a look at how we maximized a similar budget in this post. The average budget for your Utah wedding flowers should be around 15%-20% of your total wedding budget. If you are looking at filling your space with an abundance of flowers, then the budget for your wedding flowers should be closer to 20%-25% of your total wedding budget. While the starting point of working with Wild Earth Designs is $2k, we also have several other tiers of pricing. You can read more details about our pricing breakdown, here.

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Do I really need a florist for my wedding?

Planning a wedding can be a stressful and all-consuming process. You might be asking yourself where you can make cuts in your vendor hiring process. Or looking at which elements of your wedding can be re-imagined. If you are considering the DIY route for your wedding flowers, we will say this, DIY does not always save money. In fact, if this is the first time you are ever attempting to arrange or curate flowers (on your wedding day!) you may end up spending more on supplies (ribbon, vases, shears, out-of-season flowers, etc.) than you could have imagined. Wedding flowers in Utah should be curated by a professional florist, someone who has experience in making the whole process look effortless. And someone whose work makes you say, Yes! That’s exactly what I imagined.

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How can I maximize the floral budget for my Utah wedding?

Set your budget and be firm about it. We understand a floral budget can and will vary from couple to couple. Additionally, be open to suggestions! Many times we can recommend the types of flowers that will work best for a lush feel while staying within the range of your budget. Another way we love to help couples stay within budget is by looking at how we can create a ceremony piece that can be repurposed at their reception.

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Can we repurpose our ceremony flowers?

Not only can you repurpose the ceremony flowers for your Utah wedding, but we highly recommend it! A deconstructed wedding arbor or floral nest can easily be moved to your reception space to accent your sweetheart table. It’s the perfect way to maximize your budget while also creating a cohesive wedding photo experience. Additionally, any arrangements lining the aisle of your ceremony can be moved to your welcome table, the entrance of your reception space, and the bar. Or, pretty much anywhere else you can think of.

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You can find more information on working with Wild Earth Designs for your Utah wedding day at this link.

We hope you enjoyed this guide to our FAQs!