Utah Summer Wedding Flowers

Are you planning a summer wedding in Utah? Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials! We hope you are deep in the trenches of the fun part of wedding planning. The stage where you let your creativity loose and bring your dreams to life. The truly fun stage of wedding planning when you get to spend your time contemplating color palettes, wedding party attire, and summer wedding flowers!  You might be wondering which flowers will be available and in bloom for your summer wedding in Utah. Good question! You'll be happy to know that you’ve landed in the right place.

Summer Wedding Flowers Utah

As you begin to assemble your wedding color palette you might be wondering what flowers will be fresh and in season during the summer in Utah. It's a valid question because not all flowers are in bloom, all the time. Also, we know you want fresh stems that will last the duration of your wedding without wilting in the heat. However, spring and summer weddings come with a plethora of options in the flower department, so you are in luck!

Below are 25 wedding flowers we love to work with for summer weddings in Utah.

You might get excited about the selection as you scroll through the list, because let’s be honest, there are some gorgeous flowers available! However, you might not recognize some of the names on the list either. So, let us just say this. There are multiple ways to select the flowers for your summer wedding in Utah. One way is to have an initial consult with your florist to give them an idea of what your overall vision is and the ambiance you’d like to create for your wedding day. From there, your florist can work with you to select the blooms within your budget to bring that vision to life.

25 Summer Wedding Flowers

  1. Ageratum
  2. Amaranthus
  3. Anthurium
  4. Bougainvillea
  5. ​​Cala Lilies
  6. Chamomile
  7. Cornflower
  8. Cosmos
  9. Dahlias
  10. Daisies
  11. Delphinium
  12. Eucalyptus
  13. Gomphrena
  14. Hydrangea
  15. Iris
  16. Marigold
  17. Orchids
  18. Peonies
  19. Poppy
  20. Protea
  21. Ranunculus
  22. Roses
  23. Sweet Pea
  24. Tulips
  25. Zinnia

Do you still need a little more inspiration to help you select your Utah summer wedding flowers? Keep reading for more.

Colorful Summer Wedding Flowers

Summer is a time for heat, vibrancy, and slow days. If you like the idea of a vibrant wedding floral color palette for your summer wedding, you might be inspired by the florals we curated for this wedding at Siempre in Utah. We worked with our beautiful bride to honor her culture while selecting florals that matched her overall vision, and personality. The result was an ombre-style design that showcased yellow, orange, hot pink, and red in a way that is both playful and romantic.

Utah Weddings in Late Summer & Early Fall

Weddings in Utah that happen during late summer or early fall hit a little differently than weddings hosted at the height of summer. The seasons begin to click and the warm stagnant air of the summer is greeted with cooler nights and a soft breeze. Below is a late summer wedding at The Lodge at Blue Sky Auberge. Our bride’s vision was of a free-spirited event with a touch of boho, all wrapped up in the heart of an equestrian. Softer tones were introduced to play into the romance and drama of her gown, while floral nests accented her ceremony space to provide an unencumbered view of the mountains in the distance.

Utah Summer Wedding Wildflowers

For our last bit of inspirational Utah summer wedding flowers, let us give you a peek inside this wedding at La Caille. For this wedding, our bride had a very specific vision of a welcoming event that felt intimate (though grand in scale!) and was layered with romance. After discovering her wedding day color palette, we worked with a selection of wildflowers to curate this soft, inviting feeling.

You can find more information about working with Wild Earth Designs for your Utah summer wedding flowers, at this link.

All photography by Branson Maxwell