Best Wedding Florist in Utah

Wild Earth Designs won the best in-state award of 2023 and is now officially dubbed the Best Wedding Florist in Utah! The entire concept behind Wild Earth Designs was to seamlessly blend together the photo and video experience of Branson Maxwell, with stunning florals. Essentially, creating a one-stop shop for couples planning their weddings in Utah.

When I conceptualized Wild Earth Designs, I liked the idea of being able to assist my couples with their wedding day florals. For me, personally, it was about letting my creativity thrive in a way that it hadn’t before. Unleashing my artistic side while tapping into my couple's wedding day vision. But, in a way that was strategic, because, deep down, I knew my prior experience with wedding photography and videography would give them an experience they wouldn't be able to find elsewhere.

An experience that would leave them with the best recommendations of florals to fit their vision, yes, but also of one that would provide them with florals that would photograph beautifully. Florals that I could personally arrange with the best lighting. Knowing it would provide them with wedding day photos to pass on from generation to generation. And, lastly, recommendations for lush floral color palettes to add dimension and texture to their overall wedding day experience.

Who knew this approach would lead to being voted the Best Wedding Florist in Utah!

Over the last decade serving the wedding industry, I’ve watched trends come and go. And when it comes to wedding flowers, trends often revolve around, color. Where we previously saw monochromatic color palettes in shades of green or blue, we now see effortless pairings. However, these effortless pairings are now down in a way that provides the same minimalistic approach of a monochromatic palette. Isn't it amazing to see the creative revolution happening at weddings?

You can find more information on working with Wild Earth Designs for your wedding day at this link.

Are you curious why so much emphasis is placed on the color of wedding day flowers when it can seem so inconsequential? Think of a wedding that is completely curated in black & white. It’s crisp, classic, transcends time, and a bit more formal. Now think of a wedding in shades of creamy orange & muted pinks. This provides a more warm, welcoming tone, with earthy appeal. Color is perception and experience, but also symbolism. Above all, color is what will show through in your photos for years to come.

If my travels around the world have taught me anything, it’s that color is a signifier. With each & every culture placing different emphasis and importance on specific tones. In India, a red wedding dress is thought to be the color of love and a bold symbol. While a white dress symbolizes mourning. You can easily see how starkly this differs from Western culture. 

My travels, coupled with my training as a florist and my years of experience as a wedding photographer & videographer have all been the greatest teachers. They’ve taught me about the significance of color. But also what it takes to be dedicated to my clients & my craft in a way that has brought me the greatest gift of 2023. Being voted the Best Wedding Florist in Utah. I shared more of my musings on color and wedding day florals in the below-featured clip from Good Things Utah.