Vibrant & Romantic Wedding Floral Color Palettes

One of the most fun elements of wedding planning has to be selecting wedding floral color palettes! It’s a time when you can let your creativity soar to bring your wedding day vision to new heights. Sometimes, when we work with our couples on their wedding floral color palettes, they already have a specific idea in mind. Other times, it takes a bit of toying around to get the color palette just right. In case you’re the latter, we’ve put together three fun wedding floral color palettes that are vibrant, romantic, and a little unexpected. Keep reading for more.

Blue, Pink, and Purple

It’s not uncommon to work with purple or even pink flowers in a wedding floral color palette. But, pairing those tones together with ombre shades of blue and green, creates a truly unexpected feeling, one that is full of vibrancy. There are a few ways to pair these tones together depending on the overall vision for your wedding day. We’ve worked with this color palette on more than one occasion, and we love seeing the transformative powers of making it bold. Below is an example of a wedding with vibrant shades of blues, pinks, and purples. This particular wedding also had a dash of greenery to tie everything together for a fun, modern appeal.

Creamy Pink & Blue

More pink and blue? Yes! This wedding is a juxtaposition of the bold pink and blues seen in the color palette above. Our couple envisioned a wedding that was warm, welcoming, intimate, and above all, romantic. When toying with wedding floral color palettes that would bring this vision to life, we landed on tones of baby pink with stems of barely there blue. The groom and groomsmen were all in bold royal blue suits for the day, so it was important that the floral combo enhance the overall wedding day look, without taking anything away from the crisp look of the freshly tailored suits. We arrived on creamy-colored boutonnieres and bouquets with stems of softly shaded bluebells. For the open-air reception at La Caille, bud vases lined the guest tables to draw out the soft romantic aesthetic our couple was looking for.

Seasonal Wedding Floral Color Palettes

Wedding floral color palettes tied to the season of your wedding? We love it. Floral palettes that lean on the tones of the season are a great way to bring an immersive feeling to your wedding day; for you and your guests. Every year, when the seasons click, you’ll be reminded of your wedding day over and over again. Fall wedding color palettes in particular are a fun way to pair tones in an unexpected way. Shades of rust or cream-colored orange can be paired with the most delicate tones of barely there pink and highlighted by springs of crimson or garnet.

Of course, there is an endless array of wedding floral color palettes that can be combined to bring your unique wedding day vision to life. But, these are just a few of our favorites.

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All photos by Branson Maxwell Photography