Utah Wedding Bouquets

Shopping for Utah wedding bouquets? Here are our top five tips to help you work with your florist on your dream wedding bouquet!

1. Fresh flowers make all the difference

Here’s something couples often don’t know when shopping for Utah wedding bouquets. You can absolutely ask your florist if they use fresh flowers. No florist can ever guarantee the length of time flowers can last. But what they can guarantee you is that the flowers they’ve used are fresh. This gives you an idea of what you are receiving. Can you expect your flowers or wedding bouquets to wilt mid-way through the reception? Not if the flowers used were the freshest ones possible that your florist could acquire!

2. Your Utah Wedding Bouquets Will be an extension of you

On your wedding day, there may come a point when get sick of carrying your bouquet. Sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it?! That bouquet will in essence become an extension of you. It will be in your hands during your bridal portraits, on your walk down the aisle, at the ceremony, and again during your post-ceremony wedding photos. To that end, your wedding bouquet will and should be an extension of you. It should feel comfortable in your hands and be carried at bellybutton height. But most importantly, it should work to enhance the gorgeous wedding gown you’ve selected. Your wedding gown will be one of the most memorable outfits worn during your lifetime. How awful would it be to carry a wedding bouquet that detracts from the wedding gown you selected during your say yes to the dress moment?

3. Think about the size & shape

There are two very important components to Utah wedding bouquets that often get overlooked. The size and the shape of your bouquet! While the size will most likely play into your budget, the shape of your bouquet will be driven by your decor. Do you plan on having a romantic wedding, filled with soft, inviting tones? A bouquet filled with voluminous stems of blush roses will play into your aesthetic. Or, are you thinking your wedding day is more of a rich, boho feeling? If that's the case, tall stems of pampas grass or dried florals may show up in your wedding bouquet to provide varying heights and depths. Going for a classic Princess Kate look with your Utah wedding bouquets? Short, sweet, and to the point with a monochromatic palette will achieve a regal look!

4. Your color palette

While it’s true that size and shape often get overlooked, color palette, without a doubt does not. In fact, it’s usually one of the driving forces behind a bride selecting her Utah wedding bouquets. Color is the first visual we notice when it comes to wedding florals. Which gives it the biggest impact of your day. You may already have a baseline idea of what you’re looking for with your color palette. And we are all ears! We love hearing our couple's ideas and then bringing them to life. Whether it’s vibrant and tropical, soft and romantic, monochromic, or even cool and neutral, your wedding florist should be able to make recommendations on the freshest in-season florals to curate your palette through your bouquet.

5. Where to find Inspiration & Ideas

We are more than happy to work with our couples if they’ve found inspirational ideas on Pinterest. But, it’s important to know one very important thing about sourcing ideas from Pinterest. Not all of the ideas you come across on Pinterest are from real weddings. Sometimes they were created from styled shoots. Can your Utah wedding florist re-create these styles for you? More than likely. But Pinterest also induces one other key element of shopping for Utah wedding bouquets, sticker shock! So again, you can absolutely bring us your ideas but it doesn’t always mean your wedding day will look exactly like the inspiration you found on Pinterest. We might take the idea you’ve brought to us and make the bouquet smaller to fit your budget. Or, we might recommend using a different selection of florals that are fresh and in season. The best place you can look for inspiration when it comes to Utah wedding bouquets? Right on your florist's website!

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All photos by Branson Maxwell Photography