Green and White Wedding Flowers

There is something so classic about green and white wedding flowers. They portray a feeling of being timeless, they photograph beautifully, and they work to curate an unforgettable wedding day. If you’re thinking of selecting green and white wedding flowers for your best day ever in Utah, we’re providing our top tips, below.

White Wedding Flowers

The key to putting together white wedding flowers that appear timeless and elegant is to stay away from flowers that portray a shade of “cold blue” white. The undertone of cold blue-white flowers comes across as steely. Though it may seem harmless, this tone can completely throw off your wedding photos. Especially if your whole wedding day aesthetic aims to be ‘crisp and clean’.

In all honesty, our approach to curating green and white wedding flowers is to work with blooms that portray a more creamy shade of white. Creamy shades of white are classic and effortless. They absorb the light and space around them, photographing beautifully. Additionally, creamy white florals can be paired with contrasting hues of white to create depth for your wedding bouquet and table arrangements.

Using Greenery With Your White Florals

The wedding below features green and white flowers, with eucalyptus as the defining shade of green. Eucalyptus provides a lovely soft shade of sage green that pairs beautifully with creamy white wedding flowers. While it is important to define the shade of green you hope to achieve with your wedding flowers, it's equally important to create pairings of that shade.

For example, it’s easy to say you wish to have sage green wedding flowers. But, in order to create a well-rounded palette of greenery, you’ll have to decide if what works best is to pair creamy sage with muted sage or classic sage with muted sage. Again, pairing similar tones will provide a level of interest to your wedding flowers that will make them stand out in your wedding photos while providing a luxe feeling to your wedding.

Curating Your Wedding with Green and White Flowers

The key to creating a stunning wedding full of green and white wedding flowers lies in the selection. The focus should expand past the selection of florals.  We already discussed the importance of pairing together “similar” tones. What about size? When you picture a bouquet, is it perfectly cylindrical all the way around? Or does it have beautiful blooms popping out in every direction?

The key to creating a wedding bouquet with height, depth, and beauty is in using a size mixture of blooms. For example, Wild Earth Designs aims to mix all sizes of blooms from small to oversized, in order to create interest and depth in each of our bouquets and arrangements. From the soft petals of a rose to the pointy ends of a dahlia, a mixture of texture and size is what brings the beauty of wedding flowers to life. 

Best White Wedding Flowers

Want to know what some of our favorite white wedding flowers are? Here is a list of our 25 favorite white wedding flowers.

  1. Anemones
  2. Astrantia
  3. Baby’s Breath
  4. Cala Lily
  5. Cymbidium
  6. Dahlias
  7. Foxgloves
  8. Gerbera Daisy
  9. Gladiolus
  10. Hydrangea
  11. Larkspur
  12. Lily of the Valley
  13. Lisianthus
  14. Lupins
  15. Nigella
  16. Orlaya
  17. Peonies
  18. Queen Anne’s Lace
  19. Ranunculus
  20. Roses
  21. Snap Dragon
  22. Sweet Peas
  23. Sweet Rocket
  24. Tulips
  25. White Football Mums

You can find more information about working with Wild Earth Designs for your Utah wedding flowers, at this link.

All photography by Branson Maxwell